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He goes to Lou's Cafe (occupied by an aerobics studio in 1985) to look up Doc Brown in the phone book, but when he calls the number, there is no answer, so Marty makes a note of Doc's address.

He accidentally meets his father George, who is having breakfast at Lou's, when Biff and his friends bully him to copy his homework.

Their conversation is interrupted when Doc hears his clocks chiming and excitedly tells Marty that they are exactly 25 minutes slow - which unfortunately means Marty is late for school.

They meet up and while Marty starts to record his film, he learns that Doc has created a time machine out of a De Lorean DMC-12 and watches him perform a test run on his dog, Einstein, by sending him one minute into the future, a journey triggered when the car reaches 88 miles per hour.

Her tone as she tells the story makes it clear the romance has long since gone out of their marriage; Marty, tired of hearing the same story regularly for years, abruptly leaves the table.

Marty dozes off, but is woken up by a phone call from Doc around am.

After recognizing the janitor as future mayor Goldie Wilson (his offhand remark that Wilson will one day be mayor actually inspires him to pursue a career in local politics despite the racial barriers of the era), he follows George only to discover, to his horror, that his father is a peeping tom, hiding in a tree and using binoculars to spy on a girl undressing in a nearby house.

Suddenly George loses his balance and falls into the path of an oncoming car; Marty instinctively shoves him out of the way and gets hit by the car instead while George flees.

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Strickland, who tells Marty that he is a "slacker" like his father, and sneers at the idea that his band are auditioning to play at the school dance, telling him that no Mc Fly in the history of Hill Valley has ever amounted to anything. Marty confides in Jennifer that he doubts he has a future in music, and doesn't want to send his demo tape to a studio out of fear of rejection.