Who is aj dating

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Who is aj dating

The group is going to be called 78violet, and will soon be performing.Aly stands for Alyson Renae Michalka & Aj stands for Amanda Jo Michalka They are sisters & play music. is Amanda Jo Michalka Aly & AJ are a teen pop band consisting of sisters Alyson Renae "Aly" Michalka and Amanda Joy "AJ" Michalka.That can be troublesome for obvious reasons, especially if the relationship comes to a messy end.There are plenty of WWE Superstars out there making it work though and here are 15 men in the company and who they are currently linked with.Aly also has been a co-star in The Roommate and Easy A. Aly and AJ are quoted as saying that Religion helped them get to where they are now.Both the sisters refuse to wear a purity ring because they believe Religion is not judgemental.Considering the very nature of the business, a lot of the time wrestlers wind up dating each other.They spend pretty much their whole lives around one another so it's only natural that every now and again a couple of them will fall for each other.

The professional wrestling business is one unlike pretty much any other.

Another WWE relationship that has done a pretty good job of flying under the radar is the one between Finn Balor and announcer Cathy Kelley.

If the rumors are to be believed then the two of them have been dating for quite a while now.

Yes, they have been currently dating a while now, she was dating Brent Frost but there were someissues about aj and cm punk on the road so theyseparatedand ajquickly got into a relationship.

also aj rides cm punk's tour bus with Kofi and Punk.

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Having a wife and family is something many WWE Superstars don't figure out how to do successfully.

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