Who is dating vanessa simmons

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Who is dating vanessa simmons

Simmons is the oldest daughter of Joseph Simmons and Valerie Vaughn.

She is the older sister to Angela Simmons, Joseph "Jojo" Simmons Jr, Daniel "Diggy" Simmons III, Russell "Russy" Simmons II, Victoria Anne Simmons and Miley Justine Simmons.

She received a Doctor of Education from Walden University on February 18, 2018. In the past, Vaughn has worked at the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE).

She has two brothers and one of them is named Skeeter.

She celebrated her fifth birthday in February 2019, which led many to ask if the couple should be looking to have a second child.

The same can be said about well-known TV personality Vanessa Simmons who is now a mother, and along with her boyfriend, she has been trying to reach parenting goals with everything she can do.

As a parent, you prioritize your child more than anything else, and the same can be said about Vanessa and Michael Wayans who co-parent their baby daughter, Ava Marie Jean.

However, the suggestions were dismissed by Vanessa when she mentioned that handling one kid was a tough job for her and so, two children would not be an option.

But, she stated that once she and Michael get married, they will think about having a second child.

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