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Born on September 13, 1969, as Emmitt Perry Jr., he is a middle child, with two older sisters and a younger brother.

His mother was a church-goer who usually took Perry along with her once a week and his father was a carpenter who abused Perry leading to his suffering from depression as a teenager.

Perry dropped out of high school at the time but eventually went back to earn a general equivalency diploma (GED).

In the bid to find his way professionally, Perry did several unfulfilling jobs before discovering his true passion.

Yes Katy Perry has two siblings, a sister that is older then her and a brother is younger then her.

As of February 2015, no information has been released indicating that Katy Perry is pregnant. No, john bergner's(lead singer of the band Iron Empress out of So Cali) best friend Michael villegas is dating Katy perry.He also detailed his complex and close relationship with Tyler, who he said is scared his popular Madea stage performances would not continue to garner financial and critical success if he came out.He also claims Tyler Perry stole the idea for Madea from a drag queen show.It also brought the world of African-American theater into a more favorable light with theatre goers and critics alike.What was once known by the rather derogatory term “Chitlin Circuit,” began to be called “urban theater,” all thanks to Tyler Perry and his play. Jakes came to one of the shows in Dallas and afterwards, invited Perry to become involved in the play Woman, Thou Art Loosed, a project Jakes had been working on and looking to find someone to help with.

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Nathan Deal to reject a bill that discriminates against the LGBT community.“Until Tyler Perry voices out his sexual orientation, it is not yet clear if he is gay or not, so for now, we just have to keep our fingers crossed till he decides to come out of the closet and make his sexual preference open.