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The facts just aren’t as transparent as they should be.Learn why HIT is a In our experience, we have learned that taking someone’s word for it doesn’t usually live up to the expectations we set when we try something new.Innodata is a global services and technology solutions company.We combine data extraction, machine learning, and data enrichment with domain expertise to help you transform your business, drive new revenue, and get to market faster with your products and services.This type of exercises is great for fat loss and overall heart health.It’s also great for the mind and it helps you sleep better which heals your body in fantastic ways.When you exercise using the best tool for the job (ARX), you are essentially breaking down your muscles and making them weaker while you are in the studio. After causing the stress to the muscles during the workout, your body sends a signal to your muscles to adapt and change.

For decades, we have been innodated with selection bias studies and marketing campaigns designed to sell us supplements and make us believe that more is better.Our online-shop pages contain links to the pages of third parties.We, the service provider, have no control over the content of the latter and therefore cannot assume any responsibility for them.(We Hope) We are targeting the ‘minimum effective dose’ of exercise that will cause your body to adapt and change.The scientific method of exercise we are prescribing, produces these results in a 20 minute session. If the Doctor tells you to take 2 pills to get the desired result, you wouldn’t take 6. Latest research shows that maximum muscle gains occur with a super slow, super heavy protocol: - mins per exercise, once a week — the ARX machines use computers and mechanical resistance to maximize every moment of each rep, both concentric and eccentric so you get the benefit of maximum resistance on both phases of the exercise, something that no other exercise protocol can do.

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If you did, you would actually end up doing more harm than good in most cases. Latest research shows that short intervals of very high intensity exercise followed by low intensity recovery exercise have the same if not better results compared to 45-60 minutes of steady state/ mid intensity interval exercise for improved cardiovascular fitness and metabolic burn rate.