Xbox 360 not updating video library

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Subtle differences in draw distance, texturing, and control schemes suddenly become far more important when players are competing on vastly different hardware.Handheld controllers aren’t nearly as accurate as a keyboard and mouse, but the aim assist feature built into many console FPS games could leave PC players crying foul.

While Sony and Nintendo both offer a form of game-shifting / streaming, both manufacturers lock the option to a specific piece of hardware — either the Play Station Vita or the Nintendo Wii U.Whether this type of feature will provoke another temper tantrum and/or multi-year OS development from Gaben remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Valve was less-than thrilled about Microsoft’s continued encroachment into what it undoubtedly sees as its own turf.The more basic functionality Microsoft bakes into its Xbox and other gaming applications, the greater the chance that it can supplant Steam’s functionality in the long run.The two players explored the area and killed multiple monsters without any lag spikes, visual degradation, or any other sorts of problems.The implication of this demo is that going forward, Xbox One and PC players will be able to compete against each other or play cooperatively in a wide array of titles.

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We saw a single, canned demonstration from Futuremark that looks as though it was lifted from the same DX12 example code we saw running at GDC last year.

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