Your choice dating review guide

Posted by / 18-Nov-2019 15:46

Your choice dating review guide

Not only are there more girls on here than others, but the quality is on average higher.

There are a few reasons that the quality is higher on here.

I did terribly on the apps while I consistently pull women 20 years younger on Filipina Cupid.

So you may be wondering what makes Filipino Cupid different from any of the other generic options out there. I have a ton of experience on here and want to give you guys my honest opinion on whether it’s a scam or not…When it comes to the quality of girls on Filipinocupid you won’t be disappointed.

One thing is for sure, that you will certainly find an engrossing story that will keep you busy for several days.

However, the amount of keys and diamonds provided in each story is very less, which can be annoying for many.

The stories are visually impressive with bubbly sound effects, are adventurous and can keep all gamers hooked to their screens.

There are different kinds of stories to select and play. Navigating through the stories are pretty simple and a new gamer can play effortlessly.

Lots of guys wonder if they need to bother upgrading to the paid version of pilipino cupid.

If you decide to go for just a month at a time then it still isn’t a huge investment. Shit, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on entitled, bitchy princesses and still not getting laid at the end of the night!

Think of this as an investment that will pay off big time.

If you are not in to this game yet, feel free to read our Choices Stories You Play review and also some tips and tricks.

Choices: Stories You Play contains several short and interesting stories that can be controlled by you.

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