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Its basic strategic makes everyone involved in it and it is a good game.

Battleship is probably better to play on any system better than the NES because this is a very old game.

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Overall - 8 Battleship on the NES is not that bad of a game and one of the most popular board games of all times.

Your one of Yami's fangirls and in this case you get to choose from various versions of him! Your a big fan of the anime franchise Yu-Gi-Oh your favorite is the first generation with the protagonists Yugi and Atem. You do enjoy his nickname before he found out his identity but you like sticking to his true name rather than simply calling him "Yami" or "Yami Yugi".

Your bed has plushies and body pillows of him and your walls are covered in posters or fan made commissions. Today is Atem's birthday and in celebration of his birthday you normally binge watch the show or play your most favorite video games that star him.

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It was a site for big fans of Yu-Gi-Oh you like following fan websites or social media's so this was great.

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