Zune collection not updating

Posted by / 15-Jul-2020 10:14

Zune collection not updating

Indeed, to the handful of people who used the Zune HD, Windows 8 and the Surface won’t look all that different.

And if Microsoft’s Windows 8 strategy works, it will owe a debt to its maligned music player.

Along with the Xbox, the Zune project marked one of the company’s first attempts to create innovative hardware and software, not just stuff that looked like it had been ripped off from Apple. This week, Microsoft is releasing Windows 8 and the Surface tablet, two technologies that it hopes will give it a foothold in the mobile market. Apple’s i Pad is threatening to eclipse sales of Windows PCs, which account for the bulk of Microsoft’s revenue, and these gadgets represent Microsoft’s best shot at slowing Apple’s rise.

It’s noteworthy, then, that some of Windows 8’s key innovations were first developed for the Zune.

I find that many sync problems can be fixed by simply rebooting the device, reformatting it, or reinitializing it.

Here is a list of the device commands for both V1/V2 and Zune HD devices.

At this point you might be questioning my revisionist take. The first Zune was released in 2006, five years after the i Pod’s release.

The collection on the Zune is not showing up on my computer.

The Zune HD (unlike the first-generation Zune) is Microsoft’s own take on a music player, a design that’s both thoughtful and original. Turn on the device and you’re presented with a bright, beautiful, text-only home screen.

This is boldly original: Whereas the i Phone and i Pod Touch’s main interface features a collection of illustrated icons, Zune’s design guidelines sought to foreground typography.

Additionally, the computer doesn't recognize my Zune when it is plugged in and shows me logged in as a guest.

I tried resetting the Zune, plugging it into a different port, and updating the software.

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A text-only menu system sounds like it might be boring, but the typography is so pretty, and the software lets you navigate so quickly, that I found it every bit as functional as the i Pod Touch’s interface. When the company’s designers began to work on Windows Phone, the mobile operating system that it released in 2010, they made the Zune HD’s text navigation system the centerpiece of the OS.